Edible Ink on Photographic Media

We have recently worked on how to get the best photo images printed using an edible printer set-up, for example, a standard desktop printer that prints using edible inks. (inks used for printing onto edible printing media). Using our range of photo quality papers, Ice, and PhotoPlus brands, we picked a colourful image and started

Epson Refillable Cartridges Instructions

Please find attached our instructions for Epson refillable cartridges, simply click on the link for your cartridge numbers and the .pdf file with open in a new window.Epson T18XL SetEpson T26XL SetEpson T24XL SetEpson T1285 SetEpson T1295  SetEpson T1305 SetEpson T7015 SetEpson T0807 SetEpson T0486 Set 

Downloads for Edible Papers

Edible Printable Papers – Specifications, Health Certificates and How to use in .pdf format!Please click on the link below to open .pdf in new window.Specification/Ingredients Datasheets Chocho Sheets – Specification .pdfDecorPaper Plus – Specification .pdfFondant Sheets – Specification .pdfFrosting Sheets – Specification .pdfWafer Paper – Specification .pdf Health Certificates Chocho Sheets – Heath Certificate .pdfDecorPaper Plus – Heath Certificate .pdfFondant Sheets – Heath Certificate .pdfFrosting