Craft Trials started

Started craft printer trials today, 30/11/2016. Setup printer and handed over to Enid Wadsworth of Ininity Cards who is going to run the printer through its paces, in particular, printing on heavy weight card-stock in order to determine how well the printer does in this application and if it starts causing issues. Enid will be


Printing for yesterday and today. Still no issues. Printing perfectly. Photo print today and the quality is perfect. Like printing on glossy photo paper -only edible!   Printed company logos and some logos that were perfect. Much more professional looking. So far not even a blotch out of place which is soo unusual. This has

Prints with Edible Ink on cardstock

Found the time to run further print tests but this time using a 300gsm card which was quite a stiff card. The printer handled feeding the card-stock perfectly without any issues at all, in fact it handled the card-stock with absolute ease. The printing quality was tested in terms of lots of different settings and

Impressive first results.

In order to add balance and a running reference point for the ongoing Richo Aficio SG2100N Edible trials, we had decided to run a printer in the office and print our daily workload out and print some photographs on icing sheets and Gloss and Satin photo papers on a regular basis. We plugged in the

Photo printing

printed photo’s today. Excellent quality. With this printer we’ve not wasted one edible sheet yet. With the others previously used we’ve had a lot of waste. Ripped, blotchy, patchy was always always an issue. Could never use a sheet on first print. This printer so far so good. Will save hundreds and hundreds of pounds.

Printer working great

The Ricoh is by far the best edible ink printer we have used. The print quality is the best we’ve seen. Settings best to be used on glossy high quality. Printed 4 sheets today. All perfect.