Using Cleaning Cartridges in an InkJet Printer

A cleaning cartridge kit will help to clean and maintain your printer’s printheads. This article will give a bit of information about using the cartridges. It will also advise when to and why they are needed. Overview Printer output deteriorates over time and a big cause of this is owing to a partial print head

New Epson Compatible 603 Series Refillable Cartridges are here – Yeah!

Good news, the very latest Epson 603, 603XL starfish series cartridges are on their way to us and should be here within a couple of weeks. This is good news for those that want the choice to use alternative types of ink in their Epson printer that uses these series cartridges. The issue is of

Edible Printer Packages

Printers capable of printing images, text and graphics using edible inks that print onto edible printable media are becoming more popular. There are several leading suppliers of these packages in the European market, one of those being HomeMedia. Many customers who purchase an edible printer package are not certain of what exactly they are purchasing