Edible Printer Warranty

Using a Canon printer as an edible printer, A printer that uses edible ink to print images and text onto edible media such as Icing sheets and wafer papers, can affect your warranty with Canon. None of the edible inks or printable media that we supply is supplied by or endorsed by Canon. Therefore any

Printer Firmware Updates – One way to minimise the risk

We run a couple of Epson printers in the office and have noticed a couple of strange occurrences in that one day they are working absolutely fine and the next day we come into the office, we come to use the printer or printers, and we get an error message “Cartridges not recognised” Really? and just

Clearing a printers memory

If you come across a cartridge non recognition issue, it is worth trying the following “printer memory clear” procedure before throwing the cartridge away. There are many reasons for cartridges not recognising, the most common being incorrect firmware recognition or incompatible cartridge chip to printer firmware. A complicated subject and when you add to that

Enids Comments

My initial view of the printer is good and I’m impressed with the quality of the prints coming out so far. I had intended doing a lot of printing today but woke up this morning feeling poorly and cold so I’ve picked up a bug from somewhere so did a lot of self comforting today!

Craft Trials started

Started craft printer trials today, 30/11/2016. Setup printer and handed over to Enid Wadsworth of Ininity Cards who is going to run the printer through its paces, in particular, printing on heavy weight card-stock in order to determine how well the printer does in this application and if it starts causing issues. Enid will be

Prints with Edible Ink on cardstock

Found the time to run further print tests but this time using a 300gsm card which was quite a stiff card. The printer handled feeding the card-stock perfectly without any issues at all, in fact it handled the card-stock with absolute ease. The printing quality was tested in terms of lots of different settings and

Impressive first results.

In order to add balance and a running reference point for the ongoing Richo Aficio SG2100N Edible trials, we had decided to run a printer in the office and print our daily workload out and print some photographs on icing sheets and Gloss and Satin photo papers on a regular basis. We plugged in the