Brother Printers – great to use

We at Home Media have been surprised at the stubborn refusal of many customers to consider buying a Brother printer as a replacement for thier old Epson. Over the past few years we have carried out printer demonstrations, advantages versus disadvantages presentations and pointed out the very economical price and the range of choice of printing owing to the cartridges being available in all options, original, compatible and refillable.

The Brother printers are a robust printer weighing in at nearly twice the weight of comparable Epson printers, which to us means that some of the components at least are very strong made from good solid materials which fills us with confidence that they will last. All of the printers have 4 colour individual ink tanks, meaning that you only replace the colour ink that is actually empty.

All of the Brother units are multi-functional. The DCP range has copy, scan and print functions and the MFC range has copy, scan, print and fax functions. Dependent on the unit you select you can choose additional features such as disc printing, card readers, double sided printing, Wireless, Network or USB connectivity and much more.

People who we did convince to switch have been very impressed with the Brother printers, in fact we have not received a single complaint of any merit regarding the printers. This fills us with confidence that more and more people will switch to Brother printers over the coming months and years ahead. Go on give them a try and let us know what you think and by the way we sell ink for ALL Brother printer products, so give that a try too!

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