Buying a Printer with a Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS)

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Running a CISS with your printer may be an attractive proposition for you in terms of cost, however these things can be a real pain in the butt when customers do not understand how they work and when they assume that they are very easy to operate. In principle they are easy but the problems occur when they are not bled correctly, operated at the correct height in relation to the printer, or incorrect bungs have been or not been removed. Talking customers through these issues is a nightmare and as a company we choose not to for the general desktop printing market.

Having said that we recognise that some customers want to use CISS and we will supply empty units for customers to fill and install, but at their risk. We always suggest that the customer needs to have appropriate knowledge to set-up, install and to run a CISS.

To fit a printer to use with a continuous ink supply system (CISS) please bear in mind that in most printer models, the ink cartridge container lid will have to be removed in order to install the CISS ink cartridge block. Also bear in mind that on some printers other items may be removed or modified in order to get the CISS system running correctly for your printer model.

Printer manufacturer’s will NOT give warranty on any printer that has been modified and for obvious reasons, printer manufacturers will not warrant printers running on a CISS. If you think about it, this makes perfect sense. Would you warrant, or accept an item back that you had sold after a customer had modified the item from the state that you sold it in? We very much doubt it!

When customers wish to use a printer with a CISS, they have to understand and accept that they do so at their own risk. Neither the manufacturers or we will not take a modified printer back and this is without exception.

If a customer wishes to run a printer with a CISS we have come up with the following procedure checks that ensure that the printer is working as it should before the CISS is fitted and any modifications undertaken.

1) We will supply the printer with a set of cartridges to be installed as primer cartridges

2) Upon receipt of the printer, the customer should install the primer cartridges and ensure that the printer is working as it should

3) Only after para 2 has been carried out should a CISS be fitted. We will always take the view that you had installed the cartridges and all was well prior to installing the CISS

4) If the printer was working with cartridges, installing a CISS will work, this is assuming that the CISS is compatible with the printer and that it has been set up and fitted correctly.

Please note that we do supply specialist filled units for archival and higher end printing. These units we support fully on a contract basis. If interested, please ask for details.

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