Using Cleaning Cartridges in an InkJet Printer

A cleaning cartridge kit will help to clean and maintain your printer’s printheads. This article will give a bit of information about using the cartridges. It will also advise when to and why they are needed. Overview Printer output deteriorates over time and a big cause of this is owing to a partial print head

Using a Canon Printer for Edible Printing

It is not always easy or obvious to understand how things work and how best to use them. This certainly is the case with using a Canon printer that has been set-up to use as an edible printer. Customers using edible printer set-ups often ask us “Why the ink in the big black cartridge does

How to remove and clean a printhead on the New series Canon Printers, IP7250, MG5450, MG5550, MG6350

This is an “How To DO” post on how to remove and clean the printhead in the latest Canon printer Models. This is an update/revised video to a previous post on this subject 24/03/2013 that related to earlier printer models. The printer models that this post currently covers are IP7250, MG5450, MG5550, MG6350, MG6450, MG7150,

How to re-set your printer If your cartridges are not recognized

We come across many instances of people purchasing replacement cartridges from different suppliers and when they install them into their printer, they get the dreaded “Cartridge not Recognized” message. Of course this always happens when it is the last cartridge of that particular colour that you have and to compound matters, when you need to