Printer Firmware Updates – One way to minimise the risk

We run a couple of Epson printers in the office and have noticed a couple of strange occurrences in that one day they are working absolutely fine and the next day we come into the office, we come to use the printer or printers, and we get an error message “Cartridges not recognised” Really? and just

Clearing a printers memory

If you come across a cartridge non recognition issue, it is worth trying the following “printer memory clear” procedure before throwing the cartridge away. There are many reasons for cartridges not recognising, the most common being incorrect firmware recognition or incompatible cartridge chip to printer firmware. A complicated subject and when you add to that

Printer Paper Settings – If you are getting lines in your prints.

Printer Paper Settings – If you are getting lines in your prints. We received a telephone call today from one of our customers who had purchased a printer with refillable cartridges and ink, advising us that they were getting lines through their images when trying to print photos and graphics. Having been on to Epson

Fitting a New set of Cartridges to Brother Printers like DCP-j4110DW or MFC-J6510DW

We have had a few customers report that when fitting or replacing a set of compatible cartridges or refillable cartridges to Brother printers that use chipped cartridges, they were getting a “cartridges not recognised” error message on the printer screen. We have played around with installing our compatible and refillable cartridges, version 1’s and version 2’s

T26 / T26XL Refillable Cartridges for the Epson Printers

At last we have refillable cartridges in stock for the Epson T2611 to T2614, Plus T2601 and the T2631 to the T2634, plus T2621 (XL) cartridges, the polar bear series cartridges. These cartridges fit the following printer models : Expression Premium XP-600 : Expression Premium XP-605 : Expression Premium XP-700 : Expression Premium XP-800 Following is