Customer Service Approach.

All of us need help or advice in resolving issues or problems from time to time and we find that the best way to get help, is to be polite, advise what the issue is and answer any questions that we may need to ask in order to assist you in resolving the issue.

Of late we are seeing rudeness, bad manners and an unacceptable level of aggression in certain customers approaching us with an issue. When we try to respond to calm it down, we are accused of being sarcastic, rude, abusive and so on. To us, people who behave like this are basically bullies. Typically, when we respond or react they want to then play the victim.

To be very clear on this, HobbyPrint will always treat all of our customers with respect and will do all that we can to assist our customers. We will make allowance for frustrations caused by a printer playing up at the wrong time and so on. What we will no longer make any allowance for are loudmouths or bullies. Simply put, all bullies can do one and will be told to do so.

This policy has been put in place today following dealings with a person who bought a printer 10 months ago that they claim has never worked correctly and who based on incorrect and quite frankly, absurd internet advice on how things work was bloody rude to a point that warranted an Anglo Saxon reply. I resisted replying in this manner.

The actual problem after many words was a blocked print head on the black ink. This indicates that the printer has been used with limited settings, perhaps with a mobile device. It also indicates that the printer has been working up to now. See note below

As a result of this experience, any HobbyPrint team member who is spoken to in an abusive manner has been advised to tell the customer that the call has ended and to put the phone down. They will report the details of who called and what was said and we will react to that accordingly.

We are not prepared to tolerate the current “I’m angry” trend that seems to have appeared and now permeates throughout social media and the internet. We will cancel any obligations that we have with a customer under these circumstances, including warranty.

We ask people who wish to be rude and aggressive, not to buy or to deal with us. We do not need it. This is particularly relevant with our internet TV channel due to start broadcasting in November. Our programmes will be customer interactive and live. Any rudeness would be an issue that would ruin the experience for everyone. We will not allow that.

We hope that our customers or potential new customers will understand and stance and policy regarding this subject. Let’s all treat each other as we wish to be treated by others!


Many Canon printers have 2 black cartridges and the cartridge used is dependant on print settings. Edible printing on icing sheets should be printed with settings, Paper: Matte Coated, Quality: High. This will draw ink from the small black cartridge. With no settings, the black ink will be drawn from the large black cartridge.

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