Downloads for Edible Papers


Edible Printable Papers – Specifications, Health Certificates and How to use in .pdf format!

Please click on the link below to open .pdf in new window.

Specification/Ingredients Datasheets


Chocho Sheets – Specification .pdf

DecorPaper Plus – Specification .pdf

Fondant Sheets – Specification .pdf

Frosting Sheets – Specification .pdf

Wafer Paper – Specification .pdf


Health Certificates


Chocho Sheets – Heath Certificate .pdf

DecorPaper Plus – Heath Certificate .pdf

Fondant Sheets – Heath Certificate .pdf

Frosting Sheets – Heath Certificate .pdf

Wafer Paper – Heath Certificate .pdf


How to Use – Tips & Tricks


Chocho Sheets – How to use .pdf

DecorPaper Plus – How to use .pdf

Fondant Sheets – How to use .pdf

Frosting Sheets – How to use .pdf

Wafer Paper – How to use .pdf


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  1. Debbie Meehan


    I recently telephoned Printing Buddy about the on-going printing issues I was having with my Epson WF3010 printer. I use the printer purely for edible ink printing onto either rice paper or fondant sheets. I found it impossible to get a print without banding and faded panels on the print. I had spent hours cleaning nozzles filling the cartridges and generally getting phenomenally frustrated. I called Printing Buddy and spoke to a gentleman who knew exactly what he was talking about and it took him approx. 5 minutes to diagnose and resolve my problem. THANK YOU SO MUCH …. FANTASTIC SERVICE.

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