Edible Printer Packages

Printers capable of printing images, text and graphics using edible inks that print onto edible printable media are becoming more popular. There are several leading suppliers of these packages in the European market, one of those being HomeMedia.

Many customers who purchase an edible printer package are not certain of what exactly they are purchasing and most suppliers of edible printer packages are not so good at explaining to customers what it is they are selling and some of the issues.

There is no printer manufacturer that currently produces an edible printer. The printer packages are items brought together by the supplier that when used together create an edible printer package. A typical package would consist of a printer, normally a Canon, Edible ink cartridges of some form and printable media such as icing sheets or wafer paper.

Cartridge options include, pre-filled edible ink cartridges and as the name suggests, they are pre-filled cartridges supplied filled with edible inks. Refillable cartridges are supplied empty and with bottles of edible ink for the customer to fill the cartridges with.

Printable edible media options available range from wafer papers to various icing sheets, including pre-cut form sheets such as circles. Also available are chocolate transfer sheets that allow printing images to be placed on chocolate items.

The printer packages offer scope for end users to be creative with their cakes, cookies and chocolate treats that will impress family and friends alike.

A couple of things to watch out for before purchasing the package is the printer warranty offered. As the printer will be using non genuine ink cartridges, this will create a restricted warranty scenario where any damage caused by using edible Inks and Media, would not be covered under warranty. You should be advised of this before you purchase.

Cleanliness in preparing and serving food is well known by all. This also applies to using an edible printer and the inks and printable media. The inks and media will have a use by date which should be noted. The printer should be kept covered when not in use. Be food safety aware in using the printer and the consumables.

Edible inks are more viscous than most desktop inks and can cause head blockages if not regularly used. We would always recommend that an edible printer be also used as a day to day printer and used often.

Try printing a photo and see the amazing results, especially if a printer profile (to Colour Correct the inks to photo papers) has been supplied with the package. A good supplier would be able to produce a printing profile for the printer package that they supply.

For most part this should give you an awareness of what an edible printer package is and does, other than that, have fun!

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