Prints with Edible Ink on cardstock

Found the time to run further print tests but this time using a 300gsm card which was quite a stiff card. The printer handled feeding the card-stock perfectly without any issues at all, in fact it handled the card-stock with absolute ease.

The printing quality was tested in terms of lots of different settings and in all cases the results were good in terms of image print and no head blockages however the image quality varied appreciable dependant on quality and paper settings. This is as I would have expected. Further variation was seen when a colour profile was used. Colour profiles are used  to correct colour differences when using non original ink and media.

A good test with good results!

To run a balance to this test a 250gsm double sided Matte photo quality paper was printed which is also a stiff card and the print quality, media handling was as expected. The image quality was better than the card-stock but that is owing to the “photo quality” matte finish and is as expected.

Working well but we may also have a great craft printer here!

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