Getting ready to start the trials – Exciting!

Have looked at the printers in depth and decided that we would commence the trials with 3 xp-520 printers that we have in stock and use them with refillable cartridges with edible inks. Set the first printer up and printed a test image which was very clear but the colours were all wrong.

Printed test swatches and created a profile and re printed the test image and voila! colours now good.

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    Getting ready to start our trial!!
    It’s great having a local company giving fantastic service no matter what the time of day.

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    Printed today! Orange lines just for draft quality.
    Printed on glossy setting but icing sheets and quality amazing. Envelope setting not great quality for icing but glossy is the best I’ve seen. Sharp images, takes a while to print be definitely worth the wait.
    This printer also doesn’t drag the icing sheets in through the feeder as other printers damage the sheets

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