HobbyPrint “How to Use” Support

HobbyPrint supplies all of our products and printing bundles with full “How to Use” support. The support starts from purchase through to receiving, unpacking and getting the first use of the product.

In the case of a printing bundle for edible printing or dye sublimation printing, we will also get into product set-up to print settings. We will also assist with basic image manipulation and software up to the point of getting your prints out to the quality that a customer requires.

This is all part of the deal when you purchase from HobbyPrint!

Support can be accessed in many forms to suit customer preferences.

Customers can access HobbyPrint Support by:

  • Telephone Call to 01430 284112
  • Email contact and response to info@hobbyprint.co.uk
  • Online chat initiated from one of our websites
  • Video Chat initiated from one of our websites – Good to discuss and show interactive “doing examples of”
  • Zoom meetings or Facetime interaction – Good to discuss and show interactive “doing examples of”
  • Remote Computer Access – This allows us to log into a customer’s computer and show “how to do things”

Note: All remote access sessions are secure and are recorded for customers and our future reference.

HobbyHut Online TV – A New Way to Interact!

From 01/07/2022, we will also use our new “HobbyHut” online TV studio to offer fully interactive product demonstrations. These will be in the form of 2/4 weekly shows, which is still to be worked out. The shows can be viewed via any of our websites, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and on your smart television.

Full customer interaction and participation will be part of the shows where the customers can communicate with us live using any of the above methods. We will also be able to capture and broadcast any customer demonstrations live from their smartphones.

It’s a new way and should be a fun way for us to meet with and serve our customers and we have no doubt that we will also learn a lot from our customers, old and new!

To kick this off we are looking to receive idea’s from any of our customers by them asking us to do some “How to Do” videos. – Please send in requests for any printing items that you are needing some help with. This would include Craft printing, Dye Sublimation printing, Photo Printing and general cartridge issues and so forth. We look forward to hearing from you!

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