How to remove and clean a printhead on the New series Canon Printers, IP7250, MG5450, MG5550, MG6350

This is an “How To DO” post on how to remove and clean the printhead in the latest Canon printer Models. This is an update/revised video to a previous post on this subject 24/03/2013 that related to earlier printer models.

The printer models that this post currently covers are IP7250, MG5450, MG5550, MG6350, MG6450, MG7150, MX725 & MX925. New models may be released by Canon that relate to this post.

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  1. Stephen


    Video link missing!
    How can I REMOVE safely my Canon ip7250 PRINT HEAD? – when the head parks with access blocked by the printer frame.
    Can the printer be made to safely park the head slightly further right, i.e. central to lower part of front frame so access not blocked.
    I fear just pushing the head manually – if the printer even lets me while switched on – or unplugging when switched on (to stop the head parking in normal power-off locked position under cover right) might damage it physically / electronically.
    Thanks from Stephen

    • admin


      I am afraid that the only way that I can find to do this is to turn the printer on, lift the front cover and then pull the power lead once the head is parked. This will allow you to re-position the carriage in order to remove the print head.

  2. Stephen


    1) Thx again for your advice. Just thought you’d like to know that a uk official Canon printer repairer confirms this is an ok procedure (moving the head manually after unplugging while switched on).
    2) I now have another little puzzle:
    Cartridge C-550 reported low-level ink, then empty (cart light flashing) even though ink level visibly ~1/3 full!
    and sponge dabs black on to paper when removed from printer + does actually print out on “grey” setting ok.
    Printer = new Canon ip7250 (replacment under warranty for faulty printer), ~1 month old, printing all fine up until now.
    Reluctant to disable ink monitor since it was workign ok for this cart (as for all others).
    Cart = remanufactured, make not shown.
    Thx from Stephen

  3. John


    The link to download the video here does not appear so I cannot run it. Please advice. I have an MG7150 Canon which is just out of warranty and the CYan & Magenata inks do not work properly the CYan is by far the worst and hardly works at all. I have done all the Canon diagnostics nozzle deep cleans but when I try auto alignment it trys for a while to ruin it and then out support code 2500. I was hoping your video maight help me sort it but welcome any advice.

    • Reply

      Hi John

      Apologies for the late reply but have had issues with our server. I would try to remove the head and wash it under a hot tap as in the video. If its playing up, you have nothing to lose really.

  4. Derek Tremain


    Hi, I have 2 Canon IP7250 that are both dead. Checked power supply which is OK. Does the print head have to be in the printer for it to turn on? – Could it be the print head?


    • admin


      The printer should still power up without the print-head installed but it will flash up an appropriate error message relating to a “Missing Print-head”

  5. Geoffrey


    Hello. I have a Canon pixma ip7250. By pulling the print head carriage forward I managed to remove the printhead and flush it through to unclog it. I now find it impossible to replace. However I tip it or wiggle it, it doesn’t seem to want to reseat itself. Would it be easier to remove the top and if so how? I can only see four clips.

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