Ink Cartridges and Ink tank Capacities – Canon Printers.

How much ink do I need to buy to re-fill my Canon cartridges? This seems an obvious question. Asking it should help you decide on the bottle capacity ml that you need to purchase. Below we have listed average refill information for ink cartridges and tanks for later Canon printers. The information is based on average fills, not based on an exact fill.

In order to calculate the number of fills that a bottle of ink should give you, divide the ml in the bottle by the cartridge or tank fill ml below. To help you, we have listed an example calculation.

Example: How many times can you fill a CLI-Cyan cartridge fills from a 100ml bottle of ink – 100ml / 10ml = 10 fills

Canon Printers with Cartridges – IP, MG, TS Series Printers
PGI- Large Black cartridge, average fill capacity – 23ml average fill
CLI- Colour small cartridges, average fill capacity Black, Cyan, Magenta & Yellow – 10ml average fill

Canon Printers with Megatanks – G Series Printers
Black ink tank, average fill capacity – 100ml
Cyan, Magenta and Yellow ink tanks, average fill capacity – 70ml

This information should help you decide which capacity bottles of ink to buy. It is particularly relevant when using edible inks, owing to the inks shelf life. Estimate usage and only buy the amount that you need.

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