New Canon Printer Settings

When Canon first introduced its new range of printers into the market, the IP7250 and MG5450, we were concerned that the rear paper feed on earlier machines had been changed to a front feed only on the new range of printers. We therefore assumed that printing on edible papers would not be possible on the new machines owing to its possible inability to feed edible papers.

Our ink suppliers have run various tests on the IP7250 using the inks and papers that we supply and the tests confirm that the IP 7250 will print on most edible papers and that the print quality is good, which of course is great news. The edible papers that the printer will print on are: Wafer Paper, Frosting Sheets, Decor Paper Plus, and Choco Sheets. Unfortunately the fondant paper may cause feed issues owing to its 0.6mm thickness.

Here are a couple of reccomendations on the settings required when Using Canon’s IP 7250 and MG5450.

1) Place only one single edible paper sheet into the bottom paper tray. The printer has the tendency to feed multiple sheets at once which will lead to a paper jam and might cause the printer to become unusable.

2) Place the sheet face down (Side to be printed down) into the paper cassette.

3) In the printer settings please set the quality option to “High” and set the media type to “Standard”.

4) Under the properties section “Maintenance”, please use the setting “Prevent paper abrasion” for perfect printing results.

We hope that this helps

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