Printer Paper Settings – If you are getting lines in your prints.

Printer Paper Settings – If you are getting lines in your prints.

We received a telephone call today from one of our customers who had purchased a printer with refillable cartridges and ink, advising us that they were getting lines through their images when trying to print photos and graphics.

Having been on to Epson for support and getting nowhere they called us to suggest that the printer maybe at fault. We spent a couple of minutes going through the paper settings with the customer and the problem was resolved immediately. The customer was highly delighted and went away confident with her new knowledge of printer settings.

As many customers just go with the default settings on their printer which are set to draft quality on plain paper, we have written this article to help customers understand the paper settings and what they are asking of their printers to help avoid the frustration of thinking that the printer is faulty.

This applies to all ink/printer types including standard, archival, edible or dye sublimation.

When printing photos or graphics, please use the settings below.

Paper Settings: Matte Coated or Gloss
Quality Settings: Best Quality/Photo Quality

To illustrate this we have attached images of the printed test sheet below, printed on default settings and on our recommended settings so you can see the difference.



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  1. Stephanie


    this was such an easy fix – one of those things once you do it you have this lightbulb moment of “well, duh!” – thanks so much….now I wonder if I needed to get rid of my previous printer….

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