Problems With some Epson Printers that use T1805 cartridges

We have received a few reports of our refillable cartridges not recognizing in the Epson XP-202 and XP-305 printers. Some of the colours would recognize but 1 or 2 out of the set would not.

We checked this out by telephoning our customers and we asked them if they would send us their printers so that we could see for ourselves and sure enough, some of the cartridges would not recognize. It was random cartridge colours on each printer.

When we started to swap over cartridges between the returned printers we were surprised that cartridges that recognized in one printer would not recognize in another and cartridges that did not reconize in one printer, actually recognized in another printer. On checking this through further we found that a couple of the chip prongs in the printer were lying in the bottom of the ink cartridge carrier.

We decided to see what was going on and why accordingly we purchased a few XP-305 and XP-405 printers and to our surprise we found that installation and removal of the original cartridges after ink charging was very difficult on some printers. The batch of printers that we tested showed that cartridges in the XP-305 were a very snug fit, making it very difficult to remove them. When removing, a fair amount of force needed to be applied in order to get them out and that 2 hands were needed to keep the cartridge level and moving. The cartridge fit in the XP-405 was a relaxed and normal fit.

From our limited testing we think that when removing cartridges from a tight cartridge carrier, the cartridges are tilting and dragging out one of the chip prongs which then renders the printer as inoperable through non cartridge recognition.

We will keep you posted on this.

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