Procedure to reset a printer’s memory.

When changing or re-filling ink cartridges, only change or refill the cartridge that is empty. The printer may get confused if you remove a cartridge that is not empty and may show the newly installed cartridge or re-filled cartridge as “not Recognised”.

The reason for this and how to overcome the issue is as follows:

Printers using cartridges that have chips installed on them, communicate information between the printer and the chips as the printer is being used. The main information being, how many ink droplets have been used from a cartridge, each and every time that you print something. This count tells the printer the ink levels for each of the cartridges installed.

To overcome this issue we need to overcome the information exchange between the chip and the printer that advises on the cartridge ink level. To do this is very simple and the procedure below will clear this information from a printer’s memory:

a) Use the printer or printer software on your computer and go through the change cartridge procedure.
b) When the print heads have moved into the change cartridge position, remove all cartridges.
c) Close all covers after removing the cartridges and turn off the printer using the printers power on/off button.
d) After the printer has powered down, remove the power lead from the wall socket and remove any USB leads.
e) This should leave you with a printer without any cartridges installed and without any power to the printer.
f) Leave for 5 minutes in this state.
g) Re-connect the power lead and any USB leads to the printer.
h) Turn on the printer at the on/off power button.
i) Wait for the printer to power back up and to ask you to install the ink cartridges. It may say that “the cartridges are installed incorrectly” or something like that.
j) When the printer asks, install all of the new replacement cartridges or refillable cartridges.
k) The cartridges should now be recognised and will work normally.

Note: Only use this procedure to replace a full new set of cartridges. To avoid doing this for ongoing use, only change or re-fill the cartridge that is empty.

If like me you want to change cartridges or refill when you want, Use a set of refillable cartridges with single-use chips and use one of our chip re-setters.

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