T26 / T26XL Refillable Cartridges for the Epson Printers


New Refillable Cartridges Epson T24XL, T26XL

At last we have refillable cartridges in stock for the Epson T2611 to T2614, Plus T2601 and the T2631 to the T2634, plus T2621 (XL) cartridges, the polar bear series cartridges. These cartridges fit the following printer models : Expression Premium XP-600 : Expression Premium XP-605 : Expression Premium XP-700 : Expression Premium XP-800

Following is a video that outlines the various purchase options that we offer, i.e as empty cartridges, in kit form with our colour specific to manufacturer ink, or with our colour matched, archival quality “No Fade” ink. Either is is a good choice and will serve you well, however if you are putting images on walls we would suggest that you use the “No Fade” ink.

The video is an introduction on what the cartridges are, the various parts to each cartridge and how to fill them. These refillable cartridges and the options that they are offered in can be purchased from homemediastore on ebay.

If you have any issues with or questions regarding this video or the content, please leave a comment and we will get back to you.

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