To Allow us to run a remote support session in order to assist or explain visually how to do something:


  1. Click on the remote support button and the support software will download to your computer.
  2. Go into your downloads folder and double click the Team Viewer Downloaded file and a dialogue box will appear, click “run”
  3. Another dialogue box will appear and ask you if you wish the software to be installed or to make changes to your computer. Select “Yes”
  4. A Team Viewer Support window will come onto your screen with your ID number and Password.
  5. Telephone us on the Pre-support number or the Buy-support number to advise us of the ID number and Password. With this we can log on remotely to your computer to give you the support requested.
  6. When we attempt to connect to your computer, Team Viewer requires you to give permission for us to access your computer.


Your privacy and peace of mind are important to us. With this in mind please read the following notes.

  • Please note that the ID number normally remains the same but the password will change at the close and start of each new remote session. This protects your privacy and blocks any unauthorised or unwanted access to your computer.
  • When running the software will always ask for your permission to allow access
  • If you anticipate using the remote service again, we would suggest that you copy and paste the downloaded Team Viewer support file to your desktop for your ease.


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