The Christmas Present

How lovely that’s great the jumper that you got me

The colour is? winter berry!, I didn’t know, how silly, now I see

Ah, are they reindeers I see that frequent the front and back

Oh and holly to how cool, colour it certainly does not lack

I’ll wear this with my hat and scarf, the ones you got last year

The hats got doggy ears on and when I saw it I shed a tear

The scarf has snowmen and tassles, in a colour you can not miss

When you bought that as a present, were you taking the piss?

Please don’t make me wear these, Im not a Christmas theme

I don’t do fcuking snowmen and of reindeer I do not dream

I used to be a trendy guy, cool and used to wear good gear

That’s gone out the window now that Christmas time is here

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