WF-3010DW using edible ink – Trial Progress Update – 17/04/2014

Have continued with WF-3010DW print trials with edible inks over the past 10 days using the Matte Coated paper settings and standard quality for print quality settings. Have left the printer for 5 days without printing and have not carried out any head cleans or maintenance cleaning cycles.

All prints of our Excel test sheet on all media (110gsm Matte Coated Paper, Icing Sheets and Standard Wafer Papers) absolutely perfect and the print nozzle test pattern is also perfect, with no unbroken lines. The only concern to date is that occasionally, on 2 occasions, the leading edge of the media being printed picks up some black ink. It is very slight, however it is worth commenting on. Am wondering if to much ink flow is present on the black.

We are using refillable cartridges without any sponge filled with Kopyform inks, in order to test out excessive ink flow, we are trying to aquire some empty unfilled compatible cartridge cases that do have a sponge inside them. Our thoughts are that using a sponged cartridge would slow down or better modulate the ink flow. If we can not get any we will use cleaned up empty compatible cartridges to confirm this theory.

So all tests to date have worked well and we have now given the printer over to production and it will be worked for a couple of weeks to see how we go. If it holds up as we believe that it will, it is then time to sell a quantity into the market and see how it all goes from there.

Della Craven from Della’s Cup Cake Heaven will run the production trials and will be reporting findings on a daily basis.



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  1. wendy downton


    had this printer bought for me christmas 2016 and have just spent a least 15 hours trying to get it to work would of helped if there was a sheet included in the printer package for the use with edible inks as i have wasted numorous sheet o fwafer paper finding the correct settings and its still a work in progress the only quick thing was filling the cartridges

    • Reply

      Hi Wendy

      Apologies for the late reply, this is owing to a server issue that we had to get resolved.

      I noted your comments and am surprised that the settings are causing you issues. We would try Paper = Epson Matte and Quality = Standard. This should give a very good and detailed image on the wafer paper without over saturation. You can also try Paper = Epson Matte and Quality = High. If this setting saturates the paper, leave it to dry and see how it comes out.

      Hopefully this will give you a good start that will allow you to vary/experiment with the settings.

      To help out on the experimentation costs on the paper, if you wish to order more wafer paper or to try the icing papers, let us know and we will give you a 25% discount code.

      All the best

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